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Tips to get an attractive signage

Possibly the most bewildering things in the business world are how understated is the importance of attractive signage. A low character and confusing signage undermine the business marketing and advertising techniques.

Signage ought to be immediately visible and good at capturing people’s attention. Unfathomable signage confuses your clients forcing them to choose better alternatives elsewhere that capture their attention.

Here are five helpful ways to create convincing signage and be good at signage :

  1. Controlling the length would be ideal; KEEP IT SHORT AND TO THE POINT

We used to think it would be difficult to post an update for Twitter that was under 140 characters or to make a YouTube video that was under two minutes. Your clients are in a rush – you should regard that.

  • Put forth an attempt not to BE AFRAID TO LEAVE SOME SPACE

Leaving space around the edges and not devouring the space totally with your substance will add impact. Put in any data with contact data, (for example, a telephone number or web address). Be more modest in any case and ensure complicated data is simplified.


Few retailers can pull off marketing themselves with complex signage, yet pulling off and achieving are two different things. A clear substance with style characters allows the client to understand the message at the first pitch. Noticeable quality at a nice size is the essential piece of your signage. If clients can’t instantly analyze it, they’ll skip it.


While picking a background colour for your signage, don’t use colours that will make it hard to zero in on the fundamental message.

Different shade blends have identical differentiation and as such don’t work respectively together. Like blue and green or like blue and yellow.

Use most fundamental discernible colours on your sign like:





Regular concealed on YELLOW/WHITE



What is the client purchasing this for? For the office? For the kitchen? For a bedroom? Be precise, clear and easily understandable.


Hope these points by a reputable signage company in Singapore. Use bright clear eye-catching signage. Always remember that your point is to catch somebody’s eye. If your signage catches people’s attention that will persuade them to try reviewing your services or products. People move over dull boring signage.

5 Tips to Remember When Hosting a Dinner Party

Whether you’re hosting your first or your fifth dinner party there are still some simple tips that you need to remember if you’re going to pull it off. At Apple Marquee Hire, based in Guildford, we have many years of experience when it comes to hosting parties. Here are 5 tips that will help your dinner party be the best that your guests have ever been to.

  1. Find out what your guests like

It’s important that you cook food that every guest likes. Take allergies and personal preferences into consideration too, some guests may be allergic to gluten and may not be able to eat your delicious spaghetti bolognaise or one guest may be a vegetarian and won’t be able to eat your chicken. This not only wastes your food but it also leaves your guests hungry. It’s best to check that the menu is ok with each guest beforehand to avoid any awkward atmosphere. 

  1. Set the table

Even if it’s just a casual dinner party with close friends, it still makes a great impression when you have set the table properly. It doesn’t have to be majorly fancy it just needs to have enough placemats, chairs and space for each guest – you don’t want to be all cramped round one tiny table. If you can then get a centre piece but it doesn’t have to be big and it’s not essential, it just adds a special touch to the table. 

  1. Be organised 

Set your table before hand as you don’t want to be doing it when your guests arrive. It’s also worth preparing all of the food beforehand as then you’ll only have to put it in the oven. The last thing that you want to be doing at your dinner party is leaving your guests to entertain themselves while you cook in the kitchen. 

  1. Have a back-up plan 

If you’re inviting new guests over then it’s possible that awkward silences will happen. This is ok at first as it’s expected but if it starts to happen throughout the evening and it becomes uncomfortable then you’ll need a plan to get everyone talking. Have a few conversation topics or games hidden away that you can bring out when the atmosphere gets a little tense.

  1. Leave the washing up until the next day 

If you’ve already spent enough time in the kitchen when you were preparing and cooking the food then you’ll want to spend as much time with your guests as possible. By leaving the dishes to the next day it means that you get to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and enjoying the company – it’s a social event after all!

So, as you can see none of these tips are expensive or hard to do but they can make a huge difference to how well your dinner party goes. The main thing to remember is to be organised, be relaxed and to spend time with your guests. Even if the food isn’t great at least you’ll know that your guests had a good time. 

What are your dinner party tips?