Flowers always tend to show quite a lot of emotions. Flowers have a beautiful, serene energy that has the capacity to mesmerize us to our very core. Flowers have been used for centuries as the perfect way to show our gratitude and blessings, as well as our love and emotions. A bouquet of flower is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can ever present to someone. The cascade of colors in the, their beauty and their natural scent, surely makes any other man-made gift seem like unworthy of our choice.

But the problem arises when we have to choose a certain bouquet for ourselves. There are so many flowers, one more beautiful than the next one, and it becomes more and more difficult to choose the type of flowers and the type of bouquets that would be best for us. Here are a few types of bouquets to ease the problem.

Here are a few wedding flowers and bouquet ideas:


The Cascade bouquet is dramatic in its look with a waterfall of flowers, preferably white. The flowers drape down from the front of the bouquet in a fantastic fashion. Vines and orchids are two types of flowers that look exceptionally beautiful for this type of bouquets. This a bouquet type which also makes a really bold statement of style, in an extremely chic fashion.


This type of bouquets is a classic choice for brides, because they are small but gorgeous and easy to carry around. They mostly feature flowers than other accessories. These bouquets usually have a round shape and a ribbon is wrapped around them.


Hand-Tied bouquets are different from other type of flower bouquets. They include a large range of flowers are green leaves and twigs, and are held by using a ribbon or a fabric. These types of bouquets have a freshly-picked-from-the garden feel to them and their style can be said to be to bohemian or rustic.


The round bouquets are as their name suggest are round in their shape. They have a perfect dome shape and often use a single kind of flower, like peonies or roses, or even lilies. They are monochromatic, and do not have an assortment of different colors in them. But you can adjust and add more colors if you like.


These kinds of bouquets pose a great importance on the green part of the bouquet like the posy bouquet. They are widely used by bridesmaids due to their small and tiny size. Nonetheless, they are extremely beautiful.


Pomander is a term given to the bouquets which have a complete spherical shape. They have a ribbon handle on the top, which is used for either carrying or displaying the bouquet.  These type of bouquets have been shown to be hanging from the shepherd hooks along the aisles, and are really well suited for flower girls in wedding ceremonies.


These were the major types of bouquets available in the market. Though they are all varied from one another, they are still extremely beautiful in their own ways.


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